Order Auto Assignment

You can enable the auto assignment of orders in two ways:

  • Company level
  • Team level

Company level auto assignment can only be enabled by the admin and this option can be enabled from the header of the dashboard. It works for all clients, orders and drivers without regards to the team. Team level auto assignment works only for the orders that are created within the team zone and only assigned to drivers of the team. This option can be enabled from the team details page.

There are 3 values to be defined in order for auto assignment to work as you expect:

  • Radius: the area that the system will search for drivers within.
  • Time to Accept: the time that the system will wait for the driver to accept the order when an order is auto-assigned to him.
  • Max Orders: auto assigning will not consider any driver who has orders equivalent to this value.

The process of auto assigning works as follows:

  • It’ll assign to the nearest driver with no orders within the radius.
  • If none is found, it’ll to a driver who is about to deliver and has less orders and below Max Orders.
  • If none is found, it’ll queue the order for minutes and try again.
  • If none is found, it’ll assign it to the nearest driver as a second order.
  • If none is found, it’ll show a notification in a red color to the operators stating that the order could not be assigned.


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