Dook Analytics is the way for businesses to get deeper insights about the delivery performance through advanced interactive graphs.

To access it, simply login to the dashboard and click on the analytics sign on the header.



There are three parameters upon which you can filter your analytics which are Period, Team and Driver. Those can be found in the upper right corner of the analytics page

Interactive Analytics

You choose the parameters based on what you want to see. So if you want to see the whole over all performance of your business the past 12 months, then you should select the This Year as a period as well as All Teams and All Drivers. Then you get the analytics broken down per month.

You have five analytics metrics that are available are as follows:

Completed Orders Completed Orders has two values, Delivered and Returned orders each with a count and a percentage. This helps the business determine that there is an issue if the returned orders are high so they can dig deeper into why this is happening.

Pickup Time Punctuality

Pickup Time Punctuality shows you how well the drivers as well as the orders preparation team are doing in regards to the pickup time specified by the management.

Delivery Time Punctuality

Delivery Time Punctuality shows you how well you are keeping your commitment to your customers in regards to the time within which orders will be delivered. It shows you how many orders delivered in times vs the delayed ones.

Acceptance Rate

This report shows how much the drivers are accepting the orders assigned to them. This can be particularly important if you have many drivers and orders are auto assigned.


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